Public Comment

The City Council welcomes both written and verbal public comment on items that appear on City Council meeting agendas.

Written Comments

You can email all nine Councilmembers by sending your comments to or contacting them individually.

Email Your Comments to All Councilmembers

Verbal Comments During Council Meetings

While the Governor's Order on physical distancing measures are in place, the Seattle City Council is conducting its meetings remotely. You can call in to provide public comment by:

  • Signing up using the form below. The form will be available 2 hours before the start of applicable Council meetings. Registration will close once the meeting's public comment period has concluded. All information entered into this form is subject to public disclosure.
  • Please register with the phone number you will be calling from to ensure you are recognized.
  • A message will be sent to the registered email address that includes the meeting call-in information and details.
  • Call the phone number to join the meeting at least 15 minutes before it begins
  • When joining the meeting, each caller will be muted by default.
  • Speakers will be asked to provide comment in the order of registration. Seattle residents may be given priority. The Chair will call on each speaker by name, at which point they will be unmuted for up to 2 minutes to give public comment.
  • While giving public comment:

    • Mute your the other devices you're using to watch the Council meeting to avoid audio feedback.
    • State your name for the record.
    • Using speaking points can be helpful.
    • Note the applicable Council rules about public comment.