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School Zone Signage

SDOT has installed or improved school zone signage at more than 150 eligible schools in Seattle. Schools are eligible for school zone signs if they have a K-12 program approved by the Washington State Board of Education and they enroll more than 20 students.

School speed zones consist of the following signage:

An advanced warning sign located 300 feet before the start of the school speed zone. A speed zone sign 300 feet in advance of the school property boundary or school marked crosswalk. An “End School Zone” sign indicating the end of the school speed zone.


When Children Are Present” is legally defined by any of the following conditions:

  • School children are walking within the marked crosswalk.
  • School children are waiting at the curb or on the shoulder of the roadway to cross at the marked crosswalk.
  • School children are present or walking along the roadway, either on the adjacent sidewalk or on the shoulder.

SDOT has also installed or upgraded thousands of school crosswalk signs. These signs use a bright fluorescent yellow-green color and include a downward facing arrow pointed towards the crosswalk, calling greater attention to locations where children will be crossing.


School Speed Zone Flashing Beacons

SDOT operates more than 60 sets of school zone flashing beacons around the city. The flashing beacons are mounted along with school speed zone signs that read “20 miles per hour when children are present or lights are flashing." Locations are selected based on traffic volume, vehicle types, speed, collisions, roadway conditions, and number of students walking to school.

When the light is flashing, the speed limit is 20 MPH - even if children are not present.

The beacons are programmed to flash during hours when most children are walking to and from school. To see the current schedule at each beacon location, click here. Beacon schedules vary day-to-day based on weather, early school dismissals, and school holidays.

This interactive map allows you to zoom in and pan around the city to take a look at where the flashing beacons are located. Additional information displayed on the map includes school locations and school walking route boundaries. If you would like to see the walking route map for a school, click on the walking route boundary and download the attachment from the popup box.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the operation of existing beacons, contact or (206) 684-7583.

School Speed Zone Enforcement

If you have received a ticket in the mail for speeding in a school zone, you can follow the directions on the ticket to either pay the penalty or request a hearing. The ticket also explains how to view the video of your vehicle online.

As part of the School Road Safety Initiative, SDOT has partnered with the Seattle Police Department to install and operate speed cameras in school zones to enforce the 20 mph speed limit in effect while school zone beacons are flashing.  Click here to view the current flashing beacon schedule.

Speed is a factor in 1/3 of collisions in Seattle. Speed cameras decrease the number and severity of collisions by reducing traffic speeds. Speed cameras enforce the law indiscriminately and free up police officer time for more serious crime prevention.

There is one easy way to avoid a ticket…don’t speed.

Safety is SDOT’s number one goal. We measure the success of the school speed zone cameras by a reduction in speeds and violations, which means a reduction in revenues. Revenue from the speed cameras goes into safety improvements around schools.

Cameras are currently installed at nine schools:


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