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Staying safe in a pandemic means finding new ways to explore the world from home. Hopefully these resources can help you do just that!


One Block Tree Walk
Explore the magnificent trees of south Ballard in this one-block Tree Walk

Spotlight on City Light
Get a behind the scenes look at the steps Seattle City Light takes to minimize the impact of trees on utility lines and vice versa, and ways you can help!

Tree Planting & Care Webinar
Tips and tricks from the pros to make sure your tree has a long, healthy life. Recorded in September as part of our 2020 Trees for Neighborhoods residential tree planting program.

Arbor Week Tree Planting 2020
On October 8, 2020 we planted three Douglas fir trees in Judge Charles M. Stokes Overlook Park in honor of a civil rights leader and in celebration of Arbor Week. Check out highlights of this event along with comments from local community leader and the president of the Black Heritage Society of WA, Stephanie Johnson-Toliver, and hear an original tree story from Seattle's Civic Poet, Jourdan Keith. Watch the video here

Ask an Arborist

Check our our series where City of Seattle arborists answer your questions about urban trees. Send your ideas for future episodes to TreeAmbassador@Seattle.gov.

Episode 1: Bigleaf maples featuring the Seattle Department of Transportation

Episode 2: Removing trees featuring the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections

Episode 3: Trees and powerlines featuring Seattle City Light

Episode 4: Interesting indigenous trees featuring Seattle Parks and Recreation

Scavenger Hunts and Coloring Sheets

Spring tree scavenger hunt

Neighborhood scavenger hunt

Coloring sheet 2

Virtual Tour of Heritage Trees

Experience some of the City's most majestic and/or culturally important trees using the Seattle Tree Walks mobile app. This virtual tour takes you across the city to check out some of our favorite Heritage Trees, including photos and detailed descriptions. Download the Seattle Tree Walks App for your iPhone or Android mobile phone, and choose the walk beginning in historic Pioneer Square.

ArcGIS Urban Forestry Storymap

Explore various aspects of trees in Seattle such as street tree management, environmental justice, and tree benefits. Urban Forestry Storymap

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