Core Team 5

Core Teams strive to help its participants increase their understanding of the City's Race and Social Justice Initiative and its various components, increase activity related to the RSJI goals and promote understanding and awareness of institutionalized racism and its relationship to City business policy, practices and procedures. Core Team currently operates as a yearlong cohort which infuses a continuation of anti-racism analysis building, leadership development training, critical dialogue and strategy sessions as well as race-based caucusing. These objectives culminate into a department specific, partner-based practicum project for each member. Visions for the future Core Team model include departmental teams, career path incentives, and development of learning goals and activities.

Meet the team

Anita Adams - Finance and Administrative Services (FAS)

David Bayard- City Light

Leslea Bowling  - Human Services (HSD)

Laura Calderon-Rosales - Parks & Recreation

Yunuen Castorena Romero - Seattle Office for Civil Rights (SORC)

Jenifer Chao - Human Services (HSD)

Jessica Chow -  Human Services (HSD)

Quinn Dennehy - Seattle Office for Civil Rights (SORC)

Crista Dumpys - Seattle Department of Neighborhoods

Becky Edmonds - Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT)

Sylvia Feliciano - Seattle Public Utilities (SPU)

NaKeesa Frazier-Jennings - Department of Education and Early Learning (DEEL)

Sue Goodwin - Parks & Recreation

Amy Huang - Seattle Department of Neighborhoods

Lynette Jenkins - Seattle Office of Labor Standards (OLS) 

Sarah Leyer - Seattle Office of Labor Standards (OLS) 

Jennifer Lyman - Department of Education and Early Learning (DEEL)

John McKinny - Parks & Recreation

Andrea Ramirez - Seattle Department of Human Resources (SDHR)

Felicia Salcedo - Community and Human Services (DCHS)

Katie Sheehy - Office of Planning & Community Development (OPCD)

Nanette Toyoshima - Seattle Police Department (SPD) 

Stephanie Ung - Parks & Recreation

Asha Venkataraman - Legislative Department (LEG)

Danielle Winslow - Community and Human Services (DCHS)

Willian Yi - City Light

Edson Zavala -  Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT)