Real Estate Services (RES) is part of the Facility Operations Division of the Department of Finance and Administrative Services. RES provides professional and technical real estate services as follows:

Services to all City departments

  • Excess property reuse and disposition evaluation.
  • Property sale.
  • Appraisal.
  • Leasing.
  • Citywide property database.
  • Citywide real estate policy development.
  • Property research.
  • Real estate consultation.
  • Property acquisition.

Services to General Fund departments (e.g., SFD, SPD)

  • Property acquisitions.
  • Property dispositions.
  • Options analysis on buy vs. lease.
  • Site searches.
  • Property acquisition.
  • Due diligence, including environmental review and title.
  • Memorandum of agreements between City departments.

Services to other government agencies and the general public

  • Use permits.
  • Memorandum of agreements.