Consulting Opportunities

Real Estate Services hires consultants to assist with a variety of work, including appraisals, environmental assessments and leasing, as well as real estate analysis and brokerage services. RES follows the City contracting procedures. Consulting firms are encouraged to register with the City's Consultant Roster program using the Online Business Directory. For more information on this type of work and on-call contracts, please contact us.


Obtaining an appraisal is an important component of due diligence any time the City acquires or disposes of real property. Most City appraisals are obtained by contract with commercial appraisal firms. RES has a state-certified appraiser who manages the ordering and review of such appraisals.

Environmental analysis

RES typically uses environmental consulting firms in real estate acquisitions and dispositions as part of due diligence.

Real estate brokers

Through on-call contracts, RES often uses real estate brokers to represent the City in the sale of property. For special projects, RES may contract for property-specific real estate services, and can choose from the consultant roster to fill these needs.

Leasing — tenant representation

On occasion and using on-call contracts, RES seeks the services of qualified leasing specialists to assist the City on specific transactions.

Real Estate Services

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Real Estate Services (RES) is a division in the Department of Facilities and Administrative Services. RES provides professional and technical real estate services.