Exams & Registers

The development and administration of exams is a critical component to ensuring that police officers and firefighters are qualified to do the work of the rank they are seeking. The PSCSC oversees 13 different exams for entry level (police officer and firefighter) and promotional ranks, all of which are tailored to the technical needs and the organizational values of the Seattle Police Department and Seattle Fire Department.  
In addition to overseeing the development and administration of exams, the PSCSC oversees the creation of registers for qualified candidates from which the police and fire chief consider for hire and promotion. Registers are ranked based on test scores and applicable preference points - veterans’, language, and community preference points. 
Additional information about public safety civil service exams may be found at the Fire & Police Exams webpage.

In 2024, there are expected to be seven entry level and lateral entry police officer exam cycles. Examinees may test online nearly every day of the year, or opt to test in-person at a National Testing Network Testing Center. There are no more promotional tests in 2024.
The Seattle Police Department's webpage has more information about applying to be a police officer. 

Contact Exams Analyst Rachael Schade at Rachael.Schade@seattle.gov or (206) 684-0235 for more information about police exams.

    Promotional registers for police ranks are found at the links below:

    Entry level fire fighter exams will be held in the fall of 2024. Testing will take place in person (location will be announced).  

    The Seattle Fire Department's webpage has more information about applying to be a fire fiighter. 

    Contact Exams Analyst Yoshiko Grace Matsui at Yoshiko.GraceMatsui@seattle.gov or ((206) 615-0581 for more information about fire exams.

    Bibliographies for fire promotional exams can be found at the links below:

    Promotional registers for fire ranks are found at the links below:

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