Mayor Harrell with young people in City Hall

A Rapidly Changing World for Adolescents

Young people today are growing up with unprecedented burdens at a critical time of development. The mental struggle that Seattle’s children face can impact their education, disconnect them from their community, and harm their future. Mayor Harrell recognizes our kids deserve compassionate support that will put them on a path towards health, safety, and wellness.

“Student voices have been unequivocal following the heartbreaking Ingraham High School shooting: Preventing the next tragedy requires investing in mental health support,” - Mayor Harrell

A coordinated and rapid response to the mental health crisis requires close collaboration with community partners and schools, both of which will be instrumental in treatment plans and preventative measures. Partnering with both private and public institutions, the City has developed a compassionate and effective program to provide care for children and young adults experiencing mental health issues. To help alleviate the mental health struggles of Seattle’s youth, the mayor has:

  • Launched Reach Out Seattle, a new initiative focused on prevention and early intervention of youth mental and behavioral health challenges. Reach Out will develop programs to equip parents, caregivers, and childcare workers with the tools and training needed to support a youth in mental distress and raise community awareness about youth mental health challenges.
  • Increased funding for mental health resources in schools and school-based health centers by over four million dollars in 2023 and 2024 in response to the Ingraham High School shooting. This action complements Mayor Harrell’s proposed budget which included a one million increase for K-12 mental health resources, bringing the total investment to five million.

Mayor Harrell with a Garfield High School student at City Hall

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