What We Do

2017 Work Plan

Mission: To hold a space for community interests to be proposed, debated, evaluated, researched, and advocated for in city government.

Vision: To serve as one of many effective conduits to city governance on behalf of the LGBTQ community.

Objective: To strengthen the internal and external capacity of the Commission to effectively collaborate with the City and our community.

Work Plan Committees & Priority Areas

Research and make policy recommendations on timely City Initiatives on an as needed basis.

Safe Consumption Sites:  
Research and make policy recommendations on timely City Initiatives on an as needed basis.

Research and make policy recommendations on timely City Initiatives on an as needed basis.

Community Spaces:
Research and make policy recommendations on need for an LGBTQ center that welcomes all ages and not centered on bar scene.

Collaborate with SOCR staff, councilmembers, Mayoral staff, existing commissioners and community-based partners to recruit, evaluate and appoint new commissioners.

On-boarding Commissioners:
Develop checklists and tools to help on-board commissioners and orient them to commission roles, expectations and opportunities. 

Commissioner Engagement & Retention:
Support all commissioners in being active, engaged and empowered in their roles on the commission.

Reorganize/streamline electronic file storage and work with SOCR to send important documents to city archives once per year.

Ongoing goals of LGBTQ Commission include:

  • Evaluating, developing, and improving training of Commissioners on race and social justice issues, ethics, legislative advocacy, and other necessary skill areas.
  • Strengthening advising relationships with the Mayor's Office, City Council, and City Departments.
  • Collaborating with the Seattle Office of Civil Rights (SOCR) and the other Commissions under SOCR on projects impacting Seattle LGBTQ communities.
  • Aligning the Commission's goals and work plan with the City's annual budget to ensure meaningful impact on budget issues.
  • Reviewing and tracking legislation affecting LGBTQ communities.
  • Providing support to foster and sustain relationships with local organizations. Promoting education and outreach around intersectional identities.
  • Working with the SOCR to promote continuous inclusion of LGBTQ training as part of the City's Race and Social Justice Initiative.
  • Conducting outreach and educating the public on the mission of the LGBTQ Commission.
  • Supporting LGBTQ community organizations and events.
  • Conducting ongoing review of commission bylaws, attendance, and budget.
  • Developing, implementing, and improving a recruitment and orientation plan for new commissioners.