Commisioners testifying at City Council in support of the Welcoming City resolution.


Statement on the continuous police brutality perpetuated by the Seattle Police Department (SPD) against Black residents, as well as the brute police force used in this past week's protests. - June 8, 2020
TO: Mayor, City Prosecutor, and Police Chief

Five Seattle Commissions write to express their collective support and enthusiasm for elevating the prominence of Social Equity in the City of Seattle Comprehensive Plan - February 2, 2015
TO: Mayor and Mike O'Brien, Planning Land Use and Sustainability Committee Chair, Seattle City Council

Regarding the arbitrary detention by State of Mexico of U.S. Citizen Nestora Salgado - August 18, 2014
TO: The Honorable John F. Kerry, Secretary of State

Mayor's Action Plan for the Seattle Preschool Program - May 29, 2014
TO: Seattle City Council and Mayor 

Proposed Seattle City Council Resolution on Immigration Reform - May 21, 2014
TO: Seattle City Council 

Rideshare and Taxi regulation impact on Immigrant and Refugee Communities - February 13, 2014
TO: Seattle City Council and Mayor 

Regarding funding initiatives in the Parks Legacy Plan - November 12, 2013
TO: Parks Legacy Advisory Committee

Fair contract for Seattle Space Needle workers - September 16, 2013
TO: Ron Sevart, President and CEO, Space Needle LLC

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

In 2013, we asked that the City Council and Mayor pass a joint resolution supporting the principals of comprehensive immigration reform. Other cities and local governments followed Seattle's lead and showed that for every local government or state that wants to enact anti-immigrant legislation, there are many more that believe supporting immigrant families creates healthy communities.

The Immigrant and Refugee Commission was created as a result of Seattle's Immigrant and Refugee Report and Action Plan released in 2007. With the unprecedented growth in the foreign-born population since the 1980s, Seattle has become an increasingly multi-cultural city, rich with diversity.