Seattle COVID-19 Disaster Relief Fund for Immigrants 2021 Recertification Process

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If you are an applicant who qualified for the October 2020 Seattle Disaster Relief Fund, you may be eligible for an additional round of funding.

The City of Seattle has provided additional funding for individuals who applied to and were approved for the initial Seattle Disaster Relief Fund AND who continue to be eligible.

The organization Scholarship Junkies will need to confirm your eligibility for this additional round of funding.

You should have received a Secure ID number in a text message through your phone or through the email you provided when you applied to the program. Scholarship Junkies will use the Secure ID to verify your information. This Secure ID is unique to you, please do not share.

You will need to verify the following information:

  • Your name, birthdate and address
  • Your household size (number of adults, not including yourself, and the number of children under 18 in your household)
  • Your household’s monthly income
  • Preferred payment method.

Once you have submitted your recertification application you will receive a confirmation email and text message.

For any additional questions, please call or text (206) 312-1630 or email