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2013-2014 Proposed Budget

The entire text of the City of Seattle's 2013-2014 Proposed Budget is found below:

Entire 2013-2014 Proposed Budget (as one 9,951 kb PDF file)

You may also browse the 2013-2014 Proposed Budget by department. Links to the departments are provided below:


Front Section   Utilities & Transportation
Credits, p.3   Seattle City Light, p.349
GFOA Award, p. 5   Seattle Public Utilities, p.373
Table of Contents, p.7  

Seattle Public Utilities – Drainage & Wastewater, p.377


  Seattle Public Utilities – Solid Waste, p.395
Reader’s Guide, p.9 Seattle Public Utilities – Water Utility, p.409
City Organizational Chart, p.12 Seattle Streetcar, p.423
2013-2014 Proposed Budget Executive Summary, p.13 Transportation, Seattle Dept of, p.429
Summary Charts & Tables, p.43 Transportation  - Central Waterfront Improvement Fund, p.465
General Subfund Revenue Overview, p.43  
Selected Financial Policies, p.71 Administration
Budget Process, p.73 Cable Television Franchise Subfund, p.473
  City Auditor, Office of the, p.479
Arts, Culture & Recreation   City Budget Office, p.485
2008 Parks Levy, p.79   Civil Rights, Seattle Office for, p.491
Arts & Cultural Affairs, Office of, p.83   Civil Service Commissions, p.497
Parks & Recreation, Dept of, p.93   Employees’ Retirement System, p.501
Seattle Center, p.121   Ethics & Elections Commission, p.507
The Seattle Public Library, p.137   Finance & Administrative Services, Department of, p.513
    Finance General, p.543
Health & Human Services   Hearing Examiner, Office of, p.555
Education - Support Services Levy, p.153   Immigrant & Refugee Affairs, Office of, p.559
Human Services Department, p.165   Information Technology, Dept of, p.563
    Intergovernmental Relations, Office of, p.583
Neighborhoods & Development   Legislative Department, p.589

Economic Development, Office of, p.199

  Mayor, Office of the, p.595
Housing, Office of, p.209   Personnel Compensation Trust Funds, p.599
Neighborhood Matching Subfund, p.221   Personnel Department, p.617
Neighborhoods, Department of, p.227   Sustainability & Environment, Office of, p.625
Pike Place Market Levy, p.239    
Planning & Development, Department of, p.245   Funds, Subfunds & Other
    General Subfund, p.633

Public Safety

  Cumulative Reserve Subfund, p.639
Criminal Justice Contracted Services, p.269   Debt Service, p.661
Seattle Fire Department, p.273   Fiscal Reserves, p.683
Fire Facilities Levy Fund, p.287   Judgment/Claims Subfund, p.687
Firefighters' Pension, p.289   Parking Garage Operations, p.695
Law Department, p.297    
Seattle Municipal Court, p.305   Appendix
Municipal Jail, p.313   Summary of Position & FTE Changes by Dept, p.703
Seattle Police Department, p.317   Fund Financial Plans, p.709
Police Relief & Pension, p.339   Cost Allocation, p.747
    Glossary, p.757
    Statistics, p.761


The budget files are in Portable Document File (.pdf) format which can be opened and read using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the budget files.

Last updated: September 24, 2012

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