2013 Adopted and 2014 Endorsed Budget

Download the 2013 Adopted and 2014 Endorsed Budget

Front Section Utilities & Transportation
Credits, p.3 Seattle City Light, p.367
GFOA Award, p.5 Seattle Public Utilities, p.391
Table of Contents, p.7 Seattle Public Utilities, Drainage & Wastewater, p.395
  Seattle Public Utilities, Solid Waste, p.415


Seattle Public Utilities, Water Utility, p.433
Reader's Guide, p.9 Seattle Streetcar, p.447
City Organizational Chart, p.12 Transportation, Seattle Dept of, p.453
2013 Adopted & 2014 Endorsed Budget Executive Summary, p.13 Transportation  - Central Waterfront Improvement Fund, p.491
2013-2014 Proposed Budget Executive Summary, p. 17  
Summary Charts & Tables, p.43 Administration
General Subfund Revenue Overview,  p.47 Cable Television Franchise Subfund, p.499
Selected Financial Policies, p.75 City Auditor, Office of the, p.507
Budget Process, p.77 City Budget Office, p.513
  Civil Rights, Seattle Office for, p.519
Arts, Culture & Recreation Civil Service Commissions, p.525
2008 Parks Levy, p.83 Employees’ Retirement System, p.529
Arts & Cultural Affairs, Office of,  p.87 Ethics & Elections Commission, p.535
Parks & Recreation, Dept of, p.99 Finance & Administrative Services, Dept of, p.541
Seattle Center, p.131 Finance General, p.573
The Seattle Public Library, p.147 Hearing Examiner, Office of, p.585
  Immigrant & Refugee Affairs, Office of, p.615
Health & Human Services Information Technology, Dept of, p.621
Education - Support Services Levy, p.165 Intergovernmental Relations, Office of,  p.629
Human Services Dept, p.175 Legislative Dept, p.621
  Mayor, Office of the, p.629
Neighborhoods & Development Personnel Compensation Trust Funds, p.633
Economic Development, Office of, p. 211 Personnel Dept, p.653
Housing, Office of, p.221 Sustainability & Environment, Office of, p.671
Neighborhood Matching Subfund, p.233  
Neighborhoods, Dept of, p.241 Funds, Subfunds & Other
Pike Place Market Levy, p.255 General Subfund, p.671
Planning & Development, Dept of,  p.261 Cumulative Reserve Subfund, p.677
  Debt Service, p.697
Public Safety Fiscal Reserves, p.717
Criminal Justice Contracted Services, p.283 Judgment/Claims Subfund, p.723
Seattle Fire Dept, p.287 Parking Garage Operations Fund, p.731
Fire Facilities Levy Fund, p.303  
Firefighters' Pension, p.307 Appendix
Law Dept, p.315 Summary of Position & FTE Changes by Dept, p.739
Seattle Municipal Court, p.323 Fund Financial Plans, p.745
Seattle Municipal Jail, p.329 Cost Allocation, p.793
Seattle Police Dept, p.333 SLI (Statements of Legislative Intent) p.803
Police Relief & Pension, p.357 Glossary, p.835
  Statistics, p.839

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