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2008 Adopted Budget

Following is the entire text of the City of Seattle's 2008 Adopted Budget. Specific department budgets are located within various sections, such as "Arts, Culture and Recreation." To make it easier to locate a specific department's budget within a section, the department listings below include the page at the beginning of that department's portion of the section. The budget files are in Portable Document File (.pdf) format which can be opened and read using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the budget files.

Entire 2008 Adopted Budget (as one 2,356 KB PDF file)

Budget Title Page, Credits, Table of Contents



Seattle City Light, p. 355

Reader's Guide and City Organizational Chart, p. 1

Seattle Transportation, p. 375

Budget Overview, p. 5

Seattle Streetcar, p. 425

Summary Tables: Revenue, p. 11

Seattle Public Utilities, p. 431

Summary Tables: Expenditures, p. 12


General Subfund Revenue Overview, p. 15

Cable Television Franchise Subfund, p. 499

Performance Measures, p. 43

Office of the City Auditor, p. 503

Selected Financial Policies, p. 51

Seattle Office for Civil Rights, p. 507

Budget Process, p. 53

Civil Service Commission, p. 511

Employees' Retirement System, p. 515


Ethics and Elections Commission, p. 519

Arts & Cultural Affairs, p. 57

Department of Executive Administration, 
p. 523

The Seattle Public Library, p. 69

Department of Finance, p. 531

Department of Parks & Recreation, p. 87

Finance General, p. 535

Parks Levy Fund, p. 115

Fleets and Facilities Department, p. 545

Seattle Center, p. 123

Office of Hearing Examiner, p. 561


Department of Information Technology, 
p. 565

Community Development Block Grant, 
p. 141

Office of Intergovernmental Relations, 
p. 587

Educational & Developmental Services Levy, p. 151

Legislative Department, p. 591

Human Services Department, p. 165

Office of the Mayor, p. 597


Personnel Department, p. 601

Office of Economic Development, p. 191

Personnel Compensation Trust Funds, 
p. 607

Office of Housing, p. 197

Office of Policy and Management, p. 619

Neighborhood Matching Subfund, p. 211

Office of Sustainability and Environment, 
p. 623

Department of Neighborhoods, p. 219


Department of Planning & Development,
p. 233

General Subfund, p. 627


Fiscal Reserves, p. 633

Criminal Justice Contracted Services, 
p. 269

Judgment/Claims Subfund,p. 641

Seattle Fire Department, p. 273

Parking Garage Operations Fund, p. 647

Fire Facilities Levy Fund, p. 293

Cumulative Reserve Subfund, p. 653

Firemen's Pension, p. 295

Debt Service, p. 675

Law Department, p. 301


Seattle Municipal Court, p. 309

Position Modifications, p. 691

Seattle Police Department, p. 313

Cost Allocation, p. 695

Police Relief and Pension, p. 345

Glossary, p. 707

Public Safety Civil Service Commission, 
p. 351

Statistics, p. 711

Statements of Legislative Intent (SLIs), p. 719

Last updated: March 17, 2008

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