Westlake & Lenora Park

Review Status

On September 7, 2017, we reviewed the design development phase for the Westlake & Lenora Park. At this meeting we approved the design development phase with several recommendations. We will not review this project again.

Project Description

Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) proposes to build a new park on a 9,142-square-foot site at the corner of Westlake Ave and Lenora St in the Denny Triangle neighborhood. The park will include seating, lighting, open lawn, interactive play elements, and an area for vendors. $150,000 of funding for initial design work for the park came from other alley vacations in the neighborhood; SPR has received additional funding from the Seattle Parks District. SPR is also jointly petitioning with GID, a private developer, to vacate the 16 foot-wide alley between Westlake and Lenora. The vacation would increase the park size and allow for a more seamless transition between the park and the adjacent ground-floor retail proposed in the 9th & Lenora development.

September 7, 2017

December 4, 2014

September 18, 2014