Waterfront - Pier 62/63

Review Status

On July 21, 2016, we reviewed the design development phase for Pier 62/63, which is a part of the waterfront redevelopment. At this meeting we approved the proposal with conditions and recommendations.

Project Description

The rehabilitation and update to Pier 62 by the City of Seattle, through its Office of the Waterfront, is part of its overall strategy in creating a central public open space area along the central waterfront. The proposed updates to Pier 62/63 will be completed in two phases. The first phase will include the rebuilding of Pier 62; no construction is proposed for Pier 63. The second phase will include the rebuilding of Pier 63. The updates for Pier 62 include replacing the old aging wood pier with a new concrete structure providing a large flexible space to accommodate outdoor movies, concerts, or recreation activities and a new railing. A public floating boat dock will be installed on the southern edge of pier 62, providing direct access to the waterfront.

July 21, 2016