Youth Green Corps

The Youth Green Corps (YGC) is a partnership conceived by Seattle Parks and Recreation and implemented with The Seattle Trail Alliance that educates and trains young adults (18-24) through a mix of classroom experiences and outdoor forestry restoration.  It is a 9-Month program that consists of 13 Corps Members.  Members work on Forest Restoration and Trail work in Seattle Parks for educational and career training. Participants are ages 18-24 and receive a  $1,500 per month stipend.  In an effort to address youth employment and create a pathway into green jobs, Parks teaches site management, restoration skills and management, tool safety, native plant species, invasive plant identification, and environmental stewardship to the participants in the Youth Green Corps while working in Seattle Parks.   

Contact Chukundi Salisbury at (206) 684-4122 or email or follow the YGC on Facebook!