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Tree Health and Management

Seattle Parks and Recreation Department's Tree Maintenance Program maintains the health and safety of trees through out the City's park system. Along with the Urban Forest Restoration Program the Department has devoted resources to help maintain our urban forest canopy. Tree Crews maintain trees inside the City's parks and boulevards, the respond to citizen inquires regarding trees along the boundary of Parks, conduct hazard tree reviews from staff and citizens, and answer a significant number of tree health and care questions from the general public. For more information about our policies around plants, trees, gardens, and park lands, visit our Horticulture Program page.

Tree Management, Maintenance, Pruning, and/or Removal
The purpose of the tree management policy is to maintain, preserve and enhance the urban forest within parks. To increase the overall tree canopy, tree health and tree longevity within parks and to ensure that parks trees are managed in a manner that is consistent with other departmental and municipal policies. Tree Work Permits applications are not being considered by Seattle Parks and Recreation at this time.

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