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Gateway North Acquisition
Pro Parks Project Information


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Lise Ward, Senior Property Agent
Seattle Parks and Recreation
800 Maynard Ave S
Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98134


Site Visit
Site visit to City Light property on the Duwamish River

Duwamish River, 1909
Duwamish River, 1909

Duwamish Waterway- current
Duwamish Waterway - current

Thank you Seattle! This project is complete.
In September 2010, Seattle Parks acquired the 11,652 sf site to add to an adjoining street end park on the Duwamish River.

On July 29, 2002 Seattle City Council unanimously approved Pro Parks Levy Opportunity Fund funding to acquire property along the Duwamish Waterway to expand a neighborhood park and enhance salmon habitat.
$30,000 was approved for this project through the Pro Parks Levy Opportunity Fund. Matching funds are also anticipated from Seattle Public Utilities and other sources.


Property at 8th Ave S, on the eastern shore of the Duwamish River, is owned by Seattle City Light and was nominated for purchase through the Pro Parks Levy Opportunity Fund.

The property is adjacent to a street end that was developed as wildlife habitat and a public viewpoint. The site includes a historic (inactive) pump station building, which is an integral part of the Georgetown Steam Plant.

The property represents one of very few green space and habitat restoration opportunities on the eastern shore of the Duwamish River between Boeing Field and Elliott Bay.

The site will provide opportunities to educate Seattle residents about the interesting history of the Duwamish River and Georgetown. The Georgetown Steam Plant was originally built on pilings on the shore of a Duwamish River ox-bow in 1906, and river water was used for the boiler and condensers. In 1917, the Duwamish River was straightened, the ox-bow was filled in, and lines from the steam plant were extended to the pump station at this "Gateway North" site, on the current shore of the Duwamish, a mile southwest of the historic steam plant.


This nomination for the Pro Parks Levy Opportunity Fund was endorsed by the Georgetown Community Council and the Georgetown PowerPlant Museum.

The property is adjacent to a street end that was developed as wildlife habitat and a public viewpoint in 1995. It is stewarded by volunteers from the Georgetown Community Council and the Georgetown Garden Club.


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