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Types of Partnerships

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Seahawks Play60 at Garfield Teen Life Center
Seahawks Play60 at Garfield Teen Life Center

Who can partner with Parks?

There are many different types of partnerships:

  • Individual partners - an individual who can provide donations of money, labor or time
  • Business/corporate partners - provide donations of money, time, people, and other resources
  • Social service/community organizations - can make an impact by providing volunteers for parks
  • Contractual partners - provide programs and services via written bilateral agreements
  • Non-profit partnerships - similar to contractual partners but strictly non-profits
  • Volunteer/neighborhood partnerships - park sponsored volunteer opportunities and "Friends of" groups who provide volunteer labor, money, and other resources

Partnership Examples

We have over 200 partners. The list below categorizes existing partnerships according to their targeted outcomes and lists examples from each category. The examples demonstrate that different types of partnerships play different roles important to reaching the partnership goals.

We partner with these groups through concessions, use & occupancy, temporary permits (seasonal events), and cooperative, interagency, grant or sponsorship agreements.

Arts and culture: Expand exposure to and participation in performing and visual arts. Build community and attract visitors to the city.

Education: Provide learning opportunities in schools, libraries, Environmental Learning Centers, and other public spaces.

Active Recreation & Healthy Lifestyles: Provide recreation-based programs and encourage healthy lifestyles. Include free or low-cost opportunities for youth, seniors, and low-income residents.

Greening, Park Maintenance, Environment: Improve quality and usability of green spaces and support the environment through direct maintenance and organization of labor and resources.

Park Amenities: Provide services and contribute physical structures that improve and enhance the use of park spaces.

  • Food concessions

Community Service: Provide programs and facilities that aid underserved populations, including youth, seniors, families, and low-income residents.

Current Partners

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Updated September 29, 2015


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