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Seattle Parks and Recreation

Alki Beach Park Fire Pits

Address: 1702 Alki Ave. SW
Parks General Information: (206)684-4075
Enjoy a campfire on the beach at Alki!

Please light a fire ONLY in designated fire pits, available on a first-come, first-served basis. Burn only clean firewood (NO pallets please!), and douse your fire completely before you leave. Acceptable firewood is natural, bare, clean, dry cord-wood. It's against the law and it's unhealthy to burn yard waste, wood with nails or paint, refined lumber of any kind (whether treated or not), construction debris, or anything else one would burn just to dispose of it.

Beach Fire Rules:

  • Beach fires are a privilege; light a fire ONLY in one of the installed fire containers. (Seattle Municipal Code 18.12.270)
  • Use only clean, dry firewood.
  • Please douse your fire with water, not sand!
  • Fires are not allowed during air pollution alerts; we will post signs. (SMC 18.12.270)
  • Please don't remove any materials from the park, beach, dunes or forest. (SMC 18.12.070)
  • Please dispose of trash and ashes in the containers provided for each. (SMC 18.12.260)
  • Be considerate of others--please, no loud or amplified music! (SMC 18.12.170)
  • Remember, no alcohol is allowed, and parks are drug-free zones!

For information, please call:

  • Parks and Recreation: 206-684-4075
    emergency after-hours pager: 206-982-4583
  • Seattle Police and Fire Departments: 9-1-1
  • Puget Sound Clean Air Agency:
    206-343-8800 or 800-552-3565
Updated June 8, 2015

This report represents information about Parks’ 2005 experience with outdoor recreational beach fires in our parks.
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Read more about what the legal fuels for beach fires are and what you can and cannot burn below.
» Policy (PDF)

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