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Volunteer Park Vegetation Management Plan

Address: 1247 15th Ave E < directions
Volunteer Park Information: (206)684-4555
Volunteer Park Conservatory:
Seattle Asian Art MuseumThis link will take you off the City of Seattle web site.: (206) 654-3100

The intent of this vegetation management plan is to provide a tool by which Park managers and citizens can combine long-term vision with action, appropriately applied over time. Because trees are both the longest-term investment and the most prominent element of the park’s landscape, they form the primary focus for this plan.

Volunteer Park Vegetation Management Plan - DRAFT (PDF 2.2M)


(Note: This section is under construction. Please check back soon for more documents.)
Appendix A - Historical Documents
     Volunteer Park Landscape Plans – Historical Synopsis (PDF 12k)
     Historic Photographs (PDF 382k)
     Board of Park Commissioners Annual Report excerpts (PDF 10M)
     Olmsted 1903 Field Notes (PDF 283k)
     1910 Olmsted Brothers Planting List for Volunteer Park (PDF 377k)
     Donald Sherwood Map (PDF 291k)
Appendix B - Policies and Plans
     Seattle Views - 2000 (excerpts) (PDF 6M)
     Volunteer Park Water Tank soil study memo (PDF 862k)
     Volunteer Park Tree Study - 2000 (excerpts) (PDF 2M)
     Dog Off-leash Area Arborist reports - 1999 (excerpts) (PDF 10M)
     Volunteer Park Site Evaluation & Draft Improvement Guidelines 1988(excerpts) (PDF 12M)
     Volunteer Park Shrub Beds 1987 memo & 1985 Report (PDF 4M)
     Volunteer Park Program, Master Plan Review & Action Plan 1971 (excerpts) (PDF 7M)
Appendix C - Public Involvement
     Public Meeting notices & notes (PDF 55k)
     Citizen Comments – email, personal communication (PDF 29k)
Appendix D - Vegetation Data
     Olmsted Tree Taxa (PDF 16k)
     Volunteer Park Outstanding Tree Inventory (PDF 20k)
     1909 Olmsted Plan Understory Plants and Vines (PDF 19k)
     Hazard Tree Screening Inventory (PDF 17k)
     Recommended Treework Inventory, form and summary (PDF 58k)
     NE Quadrant Tree Inventory (PDF 29k)
     Tree Crew Work Orders 1998 – 2003 (PDF 120k)
Appendix E - Plants for Volunteer Park
     Olmsted Trees Suitable for Future Use (PDF 12k)
     Alternative Taxa for Problem Olmsted Trees (PDF 16k)
     Recommended Trees for Future Planting (PDF 30k)
     Understory Plants for Volunteer Park (PDF 28k)
     Priority Tree Planting Locations photographs (PDF 1.5M)
     Recommended Tree Types for Priority Sites (PDF 25k)
     Olmsted-specified Plants: Krauss Garden, Seattle (PDF 3M)
     CPTED Plant List for Natural Access Control (PDF 3.3M)
     Comprehensive Tree Management Database (PDF 74k)
Appendix F – Monitoring Forms
     Maintenance Monitoring form (PDF 13k)
     Tree Establishment Monitoring form (PDF 12k)
     Vegetation Management Project Monitoring form (PDF 15k)
     Tree Inspection form (PDF 12k)
     Hazard Tree Condition form (PDF 13k)
Appendix G - Maps
     Map 1 Olmsted 1909 Preliminary Plan (PDF 120k)
     Map 2 Olmsted 1909 Construction Plan (folded - rear binder pocket)
     Map 3 Olmsted 1909 Construction Plan Overlay (PDF 158k)
     Map 4 NE Quadrant 2002 Inventory Trees (PDF 163k)
     Map 5 Outstanding Trees (PDF 188k)
     Map 6 Hazard Trees (PDF 173k)
     Map 7 Treework Areas (PDF 298k)
     Map 8 Recommended Planting (PDF 209k)
     Map 9 Vegetation Management Areas (PDF 134k)
     Map 10 Combined Tree Management Database

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Updated September 28, 2015
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