Mounger Pool Schedule

Mounger Pool Seasonal Info

Mounger Pool is open through Sunday, September 11th 

Program Changes

EMLS moves to later in the morning to 6:30- 8:00 am M/W/F beginning 8/15

Mounger Registration 

Call the pool during operating hours to register for swimming lessons, personal lessons.

Rental Scheduling

Consider having your next party at Mounger Pool.  We still have a few weekend spots left.  Book you party soon.

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Follow us for updates on holiday schedules, closures, upcoming events, open lessons, and so much more!

Pool Schedule
Early Morning Lap M/W/F 6 -7:30 am (Quick Card or exact change required)
Family Swim S/S 5:30 -7 pm (Parents must accompany children)
Lap Swim S/F/S 4:30 -5:30 pm (3 lanes. Slide may be on.)
S/S 10 -11 am  
Mon-Fri 12 -1 pm  
M/T/W/TH 5:30 -6:30 pm  
T/TH 8 -9 pm (3 lanes. Ends 8/6)
Public Swim Daily 3 -4:25 pm  
Daily 1 -2:25 pm  
M/T/W/TH 6:35 -8 pm (Thursday - free slide night!)
Water Exercise S/T/TH 11:10 -11:55 am (Shallow Water)
M/W/F/S 11:10 -11:55 am (Deep Water)
M/W 8 -9 pm (Deep Water. Ends 8/5)
Water Fun Daily 11 am-12 pm (Warm pool only. Ages 5 and under with an adult)
Fri 5:30 -7:30 pm (Fun Family Friday. Parents must accompany children)