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Lowman Beach Feasibility Study 12/7/2017
Lowman Beach Feasibility Study - Geotechnical Evaluation

Thank you to everyone who attended the May 31, 2017 meeting. The following documents were presented at the meeting.
Lowman Beach Preliminary Feasibility Study Presentation 5/31/2017
Three Lowman Beach Design Alternatives

The Lowman Beach Park seawall is failing and needs to be removed or replaced. As visitors to the park have seen, the existing seawall is slowly falling over towards the water. It is Seattle Parks and Recreation's goal to remove the remaining seawall and continue the shoreline restoration work that began when the south half of the seawall failed in the mid-1990s.  

We hired Environmental Science Associates (ESA) as a design consultant to undertake a feasibility study to look at options for removing the seawall, taking into consideration both the habitat benefits of the seawall removal and the coastal engineering ramifications of that seawall removal. Given the design constraints of the project, it is likely that the existing tennis court will remain in place. At the meeting we presented our background, analysis of the coastal processes (wind, waves, tides, sediment transport/littoral drift) and design options to gather community input. 

For questions about the project or if you need an interpreter or accommodations please contact:
David Graves, Strategic Advisor
Seattle Parks and Recreation
800 Maynard Ave S, Seattle 98134 or (206) 684-7048

Download the Lowman Beach Park Survey results from fall 2016

Lowman Beach is small, but like beaches everywhere, it has some includes about 300 feet of rocky, saltwater shoreline a few blocks north of Lincoln Park. Above the beach is an acre of grass with tennis courts, swings...view of the Olympics, Alki Point, and Williams Point spread out in three directions. (Excerpt from Enjoying Seattle's Parks by Brandt Morgan.) The entire shoreline is available for hand carry boat launch. 

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