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Hing Hay Park, figuratively translated to "Park for Pleasurable Gatherings," is nestled in the heart of the Chinatown-International District Neighborhood. (Literally, it translates to "Celebrate Happiness Public Park.") Terrace-like stairs lead down from Maynard to a red brick square with an ornate Grand Pavilion designed and constructed in Taipei, Taiwan. Artwork on an adjacent building features a dragon in a depiction of Asian-American history in the Northwest. Beyond the Grand Pavilion stretches the expanded park plaza with flowering trees, cafe tables, and decorative staircases featuring lighted Asian iconic figures. Outdoor fitness equipment provide exercise spots against the bright yellow privacy wall. Hing Hay Park is a popular for martial arts practitioners, quiet morning meditations, a meeting place for local families, and the center of many festivals, including annual Lunar New Year and Summer Dragonfest celebrations. 

Current Project

Please visit the Hing Hay Park Renovation project page for additional information about this restroom project.

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