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Bitter Lake Playfield is a large neighborhood park that features lighted tennis courts, lighted ball fields and bleachers, and a wading pool, whirl, and play structure. It's adjacent to the Bitter Lake Community Center, and includes a small section of the lake's shoreline.

Current Project

Visit Bitter Lake Playfield Lighting Replacement for more information on the new lighting system which will reduce light spill into the neighborhood and night skies. It will also be more energy efficient and provide safe, uniform lighting levels for the users. Existing poles and fixtures will be demolished. New poles, fixtures and electrical control equipment will be installed.

Wading Pool


6/25 - 8/16

noon - 7 pm

Reserve your tennis court

Same-day reservations can be made over the phone at (206) 684-4764 or in person. Find out more about how to reserve your space on our tennis court reservations page.