• Gym
  • Kitchen
  • Basketball Court
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Indoor Toddler Playtime
  • Playground
  • Game Room
  • Wifi
  • After School Programs
  • Special Populations Programs
  • Drop in Programs
  • Lifelong Recreation



Miller Community Center is located on 19th Ave. E on Capitol Hill providing an entryway onto Miller Playfield and the adjacent Meany Middle School. A prominent staircase outside the entrance of the building connects the street with the center, fountain/water feature, play area, multi-use playfield and the school.

Built in 1998, the two-story community center is set into a hill with the main entrance on the second floor, welcoming visitors with an attractive well-lit foyer. The second floor has a small seating area, a teen room, small meeting room and offices. The first floor is accessible by a staircase and an elevator and features a multipurpose room with a large commercial-grade kitchen, tot play room, offices and a full-size gym. Miller Community Center was originally housed in the Meany Middle School Annex. Miller also has some attractive artwork including a striking bench depicting three African women.

The center is home to programs, activities and events for all ages and a wide diversity of participants. Programs include programs for Korean seniors, wheelchair basketball and robust volleyball programs and other sports.