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Magnolia Community Center is located on the Magnolia Playfield at the west edge of Magnolia village. The playfield can accommodate football, soccer, softball and/or baseball, and also features two play areas and four tennis courts.

Built in 1952, the multi-story center has classic charm and is connected to Catherine Blaine Elementary K-8 School. The community center and school was the first construction project that was jointly built by Seattle Parks and Recreation and Seattle Public Schools. The entrance has a lobby with a nice sitting area overlooking the gym, and is lit by natural light coming through the atrium ceiling. The main level has two multipurpose rooms, a pottery room, two rooms designed for youth programming and a pottery room.

Magnolia has a year-round preschool program and, during the school year, a school-age care program that is filled to capacity. Teen programs and teen camps are also popular. Magnolia Community Center hosts four seasonal events: Spring Egg Hunt, Magnolia Summer Fest, Lil Spooky Halloween Carnival for Toddlers and the annual Gingerbread House Decorating Party. Senior programs are also well attended.