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Brighton Playfield Renovation

Updated: November 24, 2020

Fall 2020

The Brighton Playfield & Comfort Station Renovation project is now fully open for use. The playfield opened mid-June 2020 and the Comfort Station received its Certificate of Occupancy in early November 2020.

The project replaced an existing natural turf playfield and athletic field lights with a new all-season multi-sport 150,000 SF synthetic turf playfield and new LED athletic field lighting system. The playfields is marked/lined for baseball/softball, soccer, football (w/Goal Posts) and ultimate frisbee. Also, an existing comfort station was rehabilitated to meet seismic and ADA/accessibility standards and now includes five individual stalls, new mechanical system/space, and renovated storage space. In addition, the project provided paved accessible pedestrian and vehicle pathways (where no accessible surfaces existed prior to this work), a stormwater treatment and control facility, a fitness zone - with exercise equipment and cushioning surface, and several benches, picnic tables and refuse containers.

Spring 2020

During the design phase, we identified the opportunity to improve Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) drainage and wastewater sewer assets located in the project area. SPR and SPU worked together to incorporate SPU's sewer mainline repairs into the Brighton Playfield Renovation Contract to improve City efficiency and minimize construction impacts. For this project, SPU will repair eight (8) sewer mainlines using cure-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining technology. Implementing these repairs to existing sewer mainline pipes reduces the need for more costly future repairs and will help ensure reliable sewer service in this area. Affected residents will be notified prior to construction for site specific impacts and instructions. More information can be found here:    

Brighton Playfield is covered by the City's Priority Hire program, which requires that contractors hire individuals living in economically distressed communities in Seattle and King County to work 32% of the project hours. Priority Hire creates equitable access to construction training and living-wage employment through worker development and public works investments. For more information on the Priority Hire program, go to


Brighton Playfield6000 39th Ave S, 98118


Planning and Design: 2016 - 2017
Permitting: 2017
Construction: Summer - Winter 2019/20
Completion: Early August 2020


The budget for this project is $5.5 million from the Seattle Park District. Additional grants include funding from WA State RCO and King County Youth Sports programs.

Community Participation

Public Meeting 7/26/2016

Public Meeting 10/5/2016

 Open House 2/4/2017

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