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Healthy Parks, Healthy You is now Get Moving.

Seattle voters approved the Seattle Park District in 2014, and among its initiatives is Get Moving, which in 2016 is funding partnerships with community-based programs that fight obesity and encourage exercise and active lifestyles. At Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) we support healthy people, healthy environments, and strong communities, with a special focus on ensuring access to our neediest and historically under-represented residents.

About the Get Moving Fund

The Get Moving Fund is a reimbursable grant from Seattle Parks and Recreation that supports local nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and community groups in offering innovative and culturally relevant events and/or projects to increase participation in community sports, recreation and physical fitness activities that serve under-resourced communities (such as immigrant populations, people of color, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ etc.). The goal of the Get Moving Fund is to increase participation and opportunities for physical activities prioritizing neighborhoods where health disparities are prevalent. The identified audience are youth and seniors, however other audiences will be considered as funding is available. 

Grant Awards

The following projects or agencies have been selected to receive Get Moving Fund grant awards:

  • Fathers and Sons Together ($15,000) to support camps and intergenerational fathers-and-sons activities, primarily with African American communities.
  • Latino Community Fund ($15,000) to develop community partnerships and trainings for youth to become coaches and referees.
  • Duwamish Rowing Club ($15,000) to support rowing programs, with a focus on Latino youth.
  • Horn of Africa ($15,000) to support youth soccer programs, with a focus on East African youth.
  • Austin Foundation ($10,000) to support intergenerational family fitness activities.
  • Garinagu Hounga ($10,000) to support Central American dance activities, with a focus on Afro Latino communities.
  • Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Club ($7,500) to support fitness and dance camps for youth.
  • Lao Women Association ($7,000) to support cultural dance activities relevant to Asian cultures.
  • Sea Mar($5,000) to support youth soccer programs, with a focus on Latino youth.
  • World Mind Creation ($3,000) to support youth-led projects and dance wellness workshops.
  • Nailah Harris ($5,000) to support multi-cultural dance classes for youth and adults.
  • Young Women Empowered ($2,500) to support African Diaspora dance classes for girls and women.
  • Deflora Walks Transformation Experience ($2,500) to support walking and healthy lifestyle activities for low-income communities and immigrant and refugee populations.

Have more questions? Download our Get Moving Grant FAQ. 

About the Program

Today in King County, 56% of adults and 21% of middle- and high-school students are overweight or obese. Childhood obesity rates in America have tripled during the last three decades. Today, almost one in every three children is overweight or obese. Everyone in our community has a role to play in reducing obesity, including parents, elected officials, schools, health-care professionals, faith- and community-based organizations, and private sector companies.

The Get Moving initiative allows Seattle Parks and Recreation to work with outside organizations and provide innovative "Get Moving" opportunities to identified communities. Parks often has the opportunity to partner with outside organizations to reach a new population or to serve a community better. However, the success of these partnerships is often constrained because Parks did not have the resources to leverage community and outside organization involvement. This initiative provides the necessary funding. As our city continues to evolve and diversify, these resources will help Parks stay relevant to the entire community. This proposal creates a full-time Recreation Program Coordinator position to manage the fund and collaborate with outside organizations to offer events and programs to get Seattle moving.

For 2016, our Get Moving partnerships focus on people from communities of color, immigrant communities, people with disabilities and folks from our LGBTQ community, especially youth and seniors, in communities where people are disproportionately affected by health disparities. Get Moving grants are going to local nonprofits, small businesses and community groups who offer innovative and culturally relevant events and projects designed to get people involved in community sports, active recreation and physical fitness activities. Our goal is to reach 1,000 new participants this year.

We reached out widely in identified communities and awarded grants to 14 projects from among 48 applications. Funded initiatives include: an intergenerational program focusing on African-American fathers and sons, a training program by a Latino leadership development group to help youth become coaches, a cultural dance program by the an organization that supports the Lao community, especially youth, with scholarships and activities that preserve the culture; and African Diaspora dance classes by an organization that invests in young women of color as future leaders through mentoring and programs that equip them with confidence and resiliency.

We Are Committed To Providing Physical Activity And Wellness Programs To Our Diverse Community!

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