Washington Park Arboretum Creek Water Quality Enhancements

Updated: February 25, 2020

Winter 2019/20

The Friends of Arboretum Creek (FOAC) are working to reunite clean, year-round water sources with Arboretum Creek. In 2018, with support from an initial King County grant, FOAC determined the water quality in Alder and Alley Creeks is clean and available to be reunited with Arboretum Creek. Currently, this clean water is routed into the King County Sewer, which reduces needed system capacity.

This year, FOAC has expanded the organization through community outreach while coordinating with King County, The Arboretum Foundation, Seattle Parks and Recreation, Seattle Parks Foundation, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU), Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and the University of Washington Botanic Gardens.


Washington Park Arboretum


This summer the FOAC applied for two grants:

  • The larger request is awaiting approval from the King County Council - To fund a 30% design for reuniting Alder & Alley Creeks with Arboretum Creek. You can learn more about this critical opportunity to restore Arboretum Creek at New Life for Arboretum Creek. Near the end of the post is an opportunity to easily send an email in support of this effort.  
  • The second request is under review by the City of Seattle Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF). It will help develop the new website (Link Below) and support further community outreach and involvement.

The Friends of Arboretum Creek plan to continue neighborhood engagement and raise funds for additional studies, restoration and outreach.

Schedule / Community Participation

Community Meeting - The next meeting will be scheduled after the City of Seattle review of the NMF request is completed. Approval is expected soon.

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