Victor Steinbrueck Park

Updated: September 13, 2018

Fall 2018

Thank you to everyone who participated in the final Online Open House for this project. The Open House provided an overview of the project along with the current design and an opportunity to provide feedback. Results from the Online Open House are available below.

Seattle Parks and Recreation hired Walker Macy as the design consultant and we are excited to be moving forward with the park improvement project. Thank you to everyone who participated in the spring and fall 2016 public meetings, the Pop-Up meeting in the park and all who participated in the Online Open House surveys in 2016 and 2017.


Victor Steinbrueck Park, 2001 Western Ave (North end of Pike Place Market)


The Parks and Green Spaces Levy allocates $1.6 million dollars to this project.
Plus, additional funding from City budget to replace membrane.


Planning: Fall – Winter 2015
Design: 2016 – Spring 2018
Construction: 2019
Completion: 2019

Project Description

As included in the Parks and Green Spaces Levy language improvements to the park will include improvements to public safety including but not limited to improving sight lines into the park, renovating seating, renovating the former children's play area, improving and expanding lighting, and upgrading landscaping subject to the following:

  1. The Council determines whether the project is needed after it has evaluated how well the removal of the automated public toilet, installation and operations of surveillance cameras, and increased policing address public safety issues in and around the Park.
  2. If Council determines the project should proceed, the Department of Parks and Recreation will conduct a project design process with broad public outreach and submit a project design to the Council for its review and approval prior to appropriation of levy funds for construction.

Community Participation