Smith Cove Park Development

Updated: May 24, 2016

May 2016

In 2015, the Friends of Smith Cove Park (FoSCP) received a grant from the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods to undertake the initial public outreach and conceptual design for the expansion of Smith Cove Park. When a design consultant is hired they will use the outreach and concept completed by the FoSCP as the starting point for the design of the park.

This project develops the 4.9 acre waterfront portion of Smith Cove Park located just west of Pier 91 on Elliott Bay. The park will be developed following a planning and design process for the site. The amenities may include paths, landscaping, waterfront access points, a play area, and related improvements. Some improvements will also be made to the existing part of Smith Cove Park (west of this site), currently used for sports such as soccer. The improved park will provide waterfront access and ADA accessibility; provide enhanced opportunities for active recreation, increase environmental-sensitivity, and make the park inviting and usable for more people.


Smith Cove Park, 23rd Ave W, between the Magnolia Bridge and the Elliott Bay Marina


The Seattle Park District provides $6 million for planning, design and construction.


Planning: Fall 2015 - Summer 2016
Design: Fall 2016 - Winter 2017
Construction: 2018
Completion: Spring 2019

The parcel located to the west of 23rd Ave W has been traditionally used by the Magnolia Youth Soccer Club for youth soccer. The intent is to maintain this active use on the parcel and also to incorporate other active recreational uses such as lacrosse, ultimate Frisbee and baseball/softball. During the public process led by the Friends of Smith Cove Park (FoSCP) in 2015, beach volleyball was also highlighted as a potential active recreational use on this parcel. Current improvements may be limited to drainage and irrigation infrastructure to make the current field more playable. However, the long term vision is that the field be improved so that it is playable year-round and available for a variety of youth and adult sports.

The easterly parcel contains the original Smith Cove Park, a narrow parcel at the south end of the site adjacent to Elliott Bay. King County owns a portion of the easterly parcel and will operate a CSO storage tank currently in the final stages of construction. The new park will be developed around the King County facility and will include shoreline restoration, access to Elliott Bay and other traditional park amenities. The FoSCP developed a concept in 2015, with input from the Queen Anne and Magnolia communities which organized potential uses across the site. That concept will be the starting point for the SPR led design process in 2016.