Seward Park Torii Gate

Updated: October 3, 2016

Spring 2016

Design Development has been approved. The construction document phase has started and will be complete this spring.

Construction of the Torii Gate is dependent on fundraising. The cost estimate at this point is approximately $300,000. The Friends of the Seward Park Torii has already raised $34,000 one large donation ($25,000 from a local family foundation ) as well as many small ones. They also plan to apply for the Department of Neighborhoods Large Project Fund for $100,000. These funds would be available in the fall.

The Friends of the Seward Park Torii selected the design of Murase Associates and Dale Brotherton. Dale is the owner and operator of Takumi Company. He specializes in Japanese carpentry, both refined techniques and aesthetics of japanese structures.

Check the Friends of Seward Park website.

Download the Revised Plan


Seward Park


$19,500 Neighborhood Matching Fund Small and Simple award


Planning: 2012
Design: 2013
Construction: TBD as fundraising permits

Project Description

The Friends of Seward Park and community supporters will work with a consultant team to lead a community engagement process to create a new torii gate to replace the one that stood at the entrance to Seward Park fifty years prior to its removal in 1986.

In addition to creating a new design; as part of the process, a site for the Torii will be chosen.

As a matter of information, the correct pronunciation of the word 'torii' is 'toh - ree - ee' - each syllable is pronounced. In Japanese, there is usually a vowel between every one or two consonants.

A portion of the original Torii Gate is a part of the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience.