North Rainier Landbanked Site Park Development

Updated: June 30, 2020

Summer 2020

This is in the final phase of the design process.


Thank you to everyone who attended the final Open House in September. See presentation and notes from the event below.


The project has grown from what was originally planned and we will now be doing some fundraising into spring of next year to enable doing the entire development including some sidewalk improvements. Seattle Parks and Recreation finalized the acquisition of a final parcel in the southwest corner for the future park. Acquisition of this 6,617 square-foot lot creates a total park size of almost one acre, creating a significant new neighborhood park consistent with the community's expressed interests. Please see aerial context map here and the updated schedule for the park below. Download the September 2017 presentation to the Seattle Design Commission for comprehensive information on the project.


The next step is to move forward with the already-underway planning and design process, which will incorporate the new corner parcel. Thank you to everyone who joined Seattle Parks and Recreation's Planner and Project Manager and Cascade Design Collaborative's designers, at the September 2017 Rainier Court Festival. We appreciate the input and ideas you brought to the booth for this exciting new park development. The event was made possible through a partnership with Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), South East Effective Development (SEED) and Senior Housing Assistance Group (SHAG).

Thank you to everyone who attended the April 5, 2017 meeting and open house. Information from the meeting can be found below.

We originally acquired two parcels to provide more open space for the North Rainier community, the first parcel purchased in 2011 and another in 2016. The design goal was to incorporate accessibility features in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and provide access to open space within this high density urban village. Impervious surfacing shall be limited to 15% or less, excluding trail and circulation surfaces.

The Seattle Park District provides funding to develop this property into a park. Seattle Parks and Recreation will work with the community on the design and encourages community participation. Please watch this site for upcoming public meetings and please contact the project planner with any questions or concerns about this new community space.


35th Ave S & S Charlestown St and 3655 35th Ave S


$2,087,500 provided from the Seattle Park District and Real-estate Excise Tax for planning, design and construction.


Planning: Fall 2016 - Spring 2017
Concept Design: Spring - Fall 2017
Fundraising: Winter 2017/18 - Spring 2019
Design: Spring 2019 - Spring 2020
Construction: Summer 2020 - Spring 2021
Completion: Summer 2021

Project Description

This Seattle Park District project will create a new neighborhood park for the North Rainier Community. The project will develop the open space acquired by Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) with the first parcel being purchased in 2011 and the most recent in 2016 and a final parcel in 2019. The design will incorporate accessibility in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as SPR's intent to create access to open space in areas of high urban density. Impervious surfacing shall be limited to 15% or less, excluding trail and circulation surfaces.

In late 2011 Parks finalized the purchase of a .15-acre (6,650 sq.ft.) property, located at the northwest corner of 35th Avenue S & S Charlestown Street. This was followed by the purchase of an adjacent site at 3655 35th Ave S in 2016 and the final parcel at 3656 34th Ave S in 2019. Together these parcels will provide the largest urban village park planned for in the 2008 Parks and Green Spaces Levy. The 2008 Parks and Green Spaces Levy provided $24 million for the acquisition of neighborhood parks in up to 20 identified areas throughout the City. The North Rainier Residential Urban Village was included in that list.

Download the Gaps In Open Space Map

Community Participation

Public Meeting and Open House 4/5/2017

Community Input Opportunity at Rainier Court Festival 9/16/2017

Park Development Presentation to the Seattle Design Commission 9/21/2017

Community Input Opportunity and Open House 9/28/2019

October 28, 2019 Presentation to Proview