Hing Hay Park Renovation

Updated: March 20, 2017

Spring 2017

The majority of the park has been built and a few items are outstanding; including the artistic gateway.  The artistic red metal seating and exercise equipment have been installed.  All terraces, pathways and walls are in.  The lighting installation is currently underway and electrical inspections are occurring.  Final plantings and some minor details are needed.  Once these items are complete the park will be open for use.  Thank you for your cooperation and patience during construction.

The artistic gateway structure will still need to be installed. The gateway is being fabricated off site and the artist's schedule shows on site installation from July through August.  During installation, a section of the park will need to be fenced for public safety.  Once the gateway is installed the full park will open and a celebration will be planned.


Hing Hay Park, 423 Maynard Ave. S


The Parks and Green Spaces Levy allocates $3 million for planning, design and construction.


Planning: Fall 2013 - Spring 2014 (Complete)
Design: Summer 2014 - Winter 2015 (Complete)
Construction: Spring - Spring 2017 (In progress)
Completion: April 2017 (park open with gateway to be installed in late summer 2017)

Project Description

Renovation of existing park and development of park on land acquired with 2000 Pro Parks Levy.


Fall 2016/Winter 2017

Construction paused while the artwork was being fabricated off site.  This pause lasted until the end of November.  The first metal pieces arrived on site November 28 and the assembly seating will be the first artwork to be installed.  After the seating is complete and the final concrete is poured, the gateway structure will be installed.  The work is anticipated to be complete in early 2017.  Parks and Recreation will be working with the community to plan an opening celebration.

Image of assembly seating sections before installation

Image of assembly seating sections before installation

Summer/Fall 2016

Construction has progressed steadily throughout the summer and the park has come to life. By the end of summer all major park components will be in place. During the fall the artwork, which includes the gateway entry feature and assembly seating, will be fabricated and installed. The new city sidewalks and plaza adjacent to the pavilion will open to the public first. The rest of the park will open as the artwork is completed.

Spring 2016

Construction began on January 6, 2016 and the the old post office was demolished by late February 2016 with the majority of contaminated soils removed. Architectural red supports were put in place to retain the back wall of the post office(see photo). The site is being sculpted and prepped for seatwalls and concrete pours. Substantial completion is anticipated in early August.

Winter 2015/16

We awarded the construction contract to WS Contractors. They began construction on Jan 6, 2016. The contractor is working on abatement and demolishing of the building through February.

The new park design is incorporated into the existing Hing Hay Park. During construction of the park the far east side of Hing Hay Park will remain open to the public.

Summer/Fall 2015

The project will be advertised for bids this summer and construction will start late fall.

Spring 2015

Our permitting process is taking longer than anticipated so ground breaking has yet to begin. The design team worked hard to complete all the work related to finishes, permitting, site conditions and put the project out to bid.

Summer/Fall 2014

The design team is moving forward with development of the construction documents, permitting and design details. The USPS has moved out of the building as of June 30 to the corner of Maynard and Jackson in the Bush Hotel.

Spring 2014

We extend a sincere thank you to all the community members, community groups and local organizations who whole-heartedly participated. We have received a tremendous amount of input and inspiration and look forward to the next steps which will ultimately bring the schematic design to life.

Next, the design team will be refining the details of the schematic design and determining the best materials and methods to construct the park. They will be creating construction documents which will be put out to public bid, obtaining permits, and working with all the entities necessary to create a functional and beautiful park.

Winter 2014

The design team is working towards the development of a preferred design through community meetings, youth workshops and listening sessions. The SEPA is being completed and the long permit process is beginning.

The community was super responsive to the questionnaire that was posted online and mailed with the community meeting invite. Thank you to everyone for your support.

Fall 2013

The design team of SvR plus Turenscape has been selected for Hing Hay Park’s expansion. SvR is a local firm with great credentials for local projects, and Turenscape is a Beijing-based firm that will be partnering with them to bring an international perspective to the work. This team will provide professional services to renovate the existing post office site into an expansion of Hing Hay Park.

Seattle Parks and Recreation values the community's commitment and support to our parks and green spaces. One of our goals is to actively engage and build relationships with Seattle's diverse population. For most capital projects Seattle Parks and Recreation typically follows a three meeting format for public involvement. With this project, we'll also include a survey, and outreach at local events and meetings.

A group has formed a “Friends of Hing Hay Park” to help with fundraising and programming in both the existing park before construction and after the expanded park is completed.

This project will partially renovate the existing park, but primarily, it will develop the adjacent post office site acquired with 2000 Pro Parks Levy.

Community Participation

Public Meeting #1  11/21/13

Public Meeting #2  1/21/14

Public Meeting #3  2/25/14

ISRD Board Meeting Presentation 6/10/2014