Green Lake Community Center Redevelopment and Stabilization

Updated: November 24, 2020

Fall 2020

In parallel with the stabilization project listed below, Seattle Parks and Recreation is in the final phase of planning for the replacement of the center and pool.

We invite the community to review the conceptual design for the new Green Lake Community Center and Evans Pool.
Please join the Online Open House November 16 - December 4, 2020 at 
Guided by community input on location and site concepts we finalized the conceptual design and encourage all to provide feedback by visiting the Online Open House. View the Online Open House Event Poster here.

The Online Open House provides an opportunity for the community to review the overall site plan, the building layout, and conceptual renderings of what the building and activity spaces may look like in the facility. By visiting the Online Open House, you can provide feedback to the design team Miller Hull and share what activities/amenities you would like to see in the center and pool.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first and second Online Open Houses and Online Public Meetings for the future Green Lake Community Center and Pool. We appreciate the participation and value your input. Along with technical considerations, the public input from the online open house helped the project team identify which site option and amenities to advance in the design process.

Schedule: New Community Center and Pool

Site Analysis and Predesign: March - September 2020
Design and Permitting:  2020 - 2023
Bidding: 2023 - 2024
Construction: 2025 - 2026 


New Community Center and Pool: $1,000,000 to undertake the site analysis and begin design work provided by the Real Estate Excise Taxes. The remaining dollars to complete the design and construct the new center and pool have not yet been identified.  

Green Lake Community Center Stabilization Work

Until the center and pool are redeveloped Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) is working to maintain the current facility and keep it open and available to serve the community. The next stabilization project is to replace the boilers and the air handling system. This project is underway.  We are partnering with the Millionair Club and Seattle Public Utilities to continue the free shower program during the building work. 

SPR completed some repairs at Green Lake Community Center and Pool which included a crucial roof repair, building electrical improvements, gym floor leveling and refinishing and replacement of the pool pump.

Schedule: Community Center Stabilization - 2020

Center Closed


Stabilization Projects: $750,000 from the Seattle Park District

Community Participation

Redevelopment - Online Public Involvement Events

In May 2020 SPR hosted an informative online Open House and online live meeting to explain the project and gather community input on the best location for the new center and pool. 6,662 individuals visited the online open house; 4,167 individuals completed a survey, including 3,268 responses to the site selection and priorities survey.

Seventy-five percent (75%) of survey participants selected the current location as their preferred option for the new community center. Of the six options, participants disliked Lower Woodland Tennis Courts the most. When evaluating reasons to select a site, survey respondents identified the following as their top priorities:

  • Access to parking and drop-off (61%)
  • Pedestrian access/walkability (59%)
  • Access to transit (46%)

May 2020 Green Lake Community Center and Evans Pool Online Open House and Live Presentation Summary

July/August 2020 Online Events

We hosted the  second online open house to gather feedback on three design options as well as preferred activities and amenities for the new community center and pool.

July/August Green Lake Community Center and Evans Pool Online Open House and Live Presentation Summary

Almost 2,000 people visited the online open house.  Of the 471 people who responded to the site option section of the survey, Lakeside Porch emerged as the top choice (43%) and Neighborhood Connector (41%) was a close second.