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First Hill Park Acquisition
Project Information


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Please check the First Hill Parks & Public Space page for more information.


Chip Nevins, Acquisition Planner
800 Maynard Ave S
Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98134

Proposed Park Site
Proposed Park Site

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Summer 2015
The First Hill Urban Center Village was identified in both the 2000 Pro Parks Levy and the 2008 Parks & Green Spaces Levy for acquisition of a neighborhood park. For the past 10+ years, Seattle Parks has been working with the First Hill Community to identify and acquire a new park. After a few false starts and failed acquisitions, the Department has not yet been successful in acquiring one. Seattle Parks is currently engaged in the following two projects to try and rectify that situation:

  • Private Open Space at 800 Columbia Street

    Seattle Parks and Recreation worked with Alecta, the real estate developer who acquired the property at 800 Columbia Street, to provide a 9,000 sq.ft. private open space at the corner of Columbia Street and 8th Avenue in conjunction with their development of a 300 residential tower (a concept drawing of the park is shown here.) Alecta has since put the property on the market, although it has not sold yet. If the new owner develops the approved 300 residential tower, they will be required to provide the 9,000 sq.ft. private open space.

  • Public Realm Action Plan

    In 2004 and 2005 Seattle Parks acquisition staff and Makers, an urban design firm, worked with First Hill community stakeholders to develop a "First Hill Urban Village Park Plan." The plan provided a strategic approach for identifying potential sites for a new park through the Pro Parks Levy acquisition project. It also outlined park and open space needs and opportunities on First Hill. Seattle Parks (Parks), Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and Seattle Department of Planning and Design (DPD) have collaborated on the development of the Public Realm Action Plan which builds on that work and expands on the strategies for developing an open space network through First Hill. The plan identifies opportunities for acquisition as well as utilization of under-used right-of-ways to provide a system of connectedness in the First Hill neighborhood.

    SDOT Director Scott Kubly, Mayor Ed Murray and Seattle Parks Superintendent Jess Aguirre joined community members to celebrate the opening of Seattles first Pavement to Parks site, on First Hill at Minor and University Street, with a ribbon cutting in August 2015. These projects use underutilized street space to create community-driven public spaces, improving safety and offering inventive solutions for addressing open space needs. See Public Realm Action Plan for more information.


Both the Pro Parks Levy and the 2008 Parks & Green Spaces Levy identified First Hill as an urban village in need of additional park space.


Parks acquisition staff meet regularly with the First Hill Improvement Association.

In addition, staff from Seattle Parks and the urban design firm Makers held public meetings with community stakeholders in November 2004 and January 2005 to draft the First Hill Urban Village Park Plan.

Public Meeting 12/01/09


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Updated August 11, 2015
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