Population & Demographics

Be Counted in the 2020 Census

There is still time to fill out your Census form. Go online today at www.2020census.gov.

The decennial Census provides the country's official population count and determines our share of federal funding and representation in Congress. The Census also provides information that community organizations and state and local governments need in order to serve communities. The City is partnering with trusted community leaders to help you know your rights and be counted in the U.S. 2020 Census. Visit www.seattlecensus.org for more information.

Monitoring Program Reports

Reports from our monitoring programs, including the Urban Village Indicators Report and the Equitable Development Monitoring Program (EDMP), and growth reporting, are now accessible in one place.

Equitable Development Monitoring Program (NEW): An ongoing source of data and analysis to inform work to reduce race-based disparities, advance equity, and combat displacement.

The EDMP also includes information on Neighborhood Change so that the indicators can be viewed alongside historical context and recent shifts in racial and ethnic demographics in and around Seattle.

Data Dashboards

  • How We Grow
    View housing and population estimates, and the Washington State Employment Security Department's Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages. 
  • Housing Growth Report
    View interactive charts of residential permit activity for construction and demolition permits from the City of Seattle permit tracking system for the decade through the end of the most recent quarter.
  • Comprehensive Plan Monitoring
    View the indicators related to housing and employment growth. For more indicators related to housing affordability, and key aspects of livability including access to frequent transit, presence of sidewalks, and access to parks and open space, please see the Seattle 2035 Comprehensive Plan.
  • Residential Permit Activity Data Explorer
    Explore a map of residential permit activity for construction and demolitions for the decade through the end of the most recent quarter. Allows advanced filtering and data downloads.

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