Sound Transit is building 13 new light rail stations with service to West Seattle in 2030 and Ballard in 2035. The new light rail lines and transit tunnel under Downtown, South Lake Union and Seattle Center/Uptown comprise the largest transit investment in our city's history. Watch this presentation about project basics.

Your ideas matter.

To help guide City decisions, we created these guiding principles and objectives. This report summarizes what we learned from you.

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We want to be transparent with you about what we are doing in support of West Seattle and Ballard Light Rail Expansion. The following documents are quarterly reports and other notes that reflect our activities, decision-making and what we have heard while listening to and talking with you and other people in the community.

Guiding Principles Survey Results Summary 8.28.2020 (WORD) (PDF)

April - June 2020 Quarterly Report-out (WORD) (PDF)

January - March 2020 Quarterly Report-out (WORD)  (PDF)

January + February 2020 Community Conversation Summaries

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Information on Stations and Neighborhoods

West Seattle and Ballard Stations

130th + 145th Street Stations

Sound Transit current route and station alternatives

What is a Racial Equity Toolkit or RET?

The RET process is a cornerstone of the City's Race and Social Justice Initiative. The vision of the Seattle Office for Civil Rights, which houses the Race and Social Justice Initiative Strategic Team is: A City of Liberated People where Communities Historically Impacted by Racism, Oppression, and Colonization Hold Power and Thrive. To do this requires ending individual racism, institutional racism and structural racism by shifting real decision making power and equitable resources to those most harmed by a lingering legacy and reality of racism in our community. The Racial Equity Toolkit lays out a process and a set of questions to guide the development, implementation and evaluation of policies, initiatives, programs, and budget issues to address the impacts on racial equity. Sound Transit is the City's partner in this work and the Racial Equity Toolkit is being carried out by both agencies for the West Seattle and Ballard Light Rail Extensions.

Sound Transit / City of Seattle RET Memos:

West Seattle and Ballard Light Rail Extensions Level 3 RET Memo: Alternatives Development Phase, April 2019

West Seattle and Ballard Light Rail Extensions Level 2 RET Memo, September 2018

Planning around stations

After Sound Transit identifies the final station locations, the City of Seattle will work with communities to:

  • Plan walking, biking, and bus improvements to help you get to stations.
  • Identify opportunities for housing, shopping, and open spaces to create affordable, livable neighborhoods around new stations.
  • Establish priorities to inform project permitting.
  • Pay special attention to reduce or avoid impacts to communities of color whose neighborhoods often bear the burden of large infrastructure projects.

Two people standing, one person in a wheelchair, one person standing with a cane.

Additional Funding May be needed

Building light rail transit lines in dense urban neighborhoods is complex. The City is interested in helping Sound Transit build a light rail system that works for generations to come. There are big decisions to be made on station locations and alignments. Sound Transit and the City will work with the community to consider trade-offs and explore alternatives for an enhanced system.