130th and 145th Station Area Planning

What's Happening Now?

Thank you to the 100+ community members who attended our March 13 open house. Our June 29 Community Workshop has been postponed until further notice. It's not too late to complete our online survey or add pins to our interactive map. Add your voice to the hundreds of North Seattleites who have already weighed in. We will report results back to you in late July. Look for new dates for our fall community workshops soon! In the meantime:

What's Next?

  • July: What We Heard community report back.
  • September: Community Workshop.
  • October: Community Workshop.
  • November: Sound Transit Board will decide when the 130th St Station will be built.
  • December: Community Open House to Review Draft Vision & Next Steps.

Over the next 13 years, faster and more frequent transit service is coming to North Seattle. The 130th & 145th Station Area Planning is an opportunity for the community to come together and create a vision for the area surrounding the future light rail stations.

The City of Seattle initiated this planning process to engage City departments, public agencies and the community to consider what changes this regional investment may bring and how it can benefit current and future residents, as well as those working and enjoying recreation in the area.

The term "station area" typically refers to the area around a station that is accessible within a ten-minute walk. On flat terrain, this roughly correlates to a half-mile walk. We will also study a larger area to understand how the new stations can be accessible by bus, bike, and cars.

Station area planning does not address the design, construction or operation of light rail alignments, stations or service. Learn more about Sound Transit's system expansion.

Project Goals

Working closely with the community, the City will draft and adopt a plan to implement the community vision.

  • Plan for future changes, services and other opportunities near the stations.
  • Design sidewalks, bikeways and street improvements to make it easy to walk or bike to the station.
  • Coordinate and prioritize City investments to achieve multiple benefits.
  • Improve the capacity of the neighborhood to advocate for community goals.

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Project Timeline

Background (Winter 2019)

  • Existing Conditions
  • Issues & Opportunities
  • Community Open House

Options for the Future (Spring 2019)

  • Generate ideas for Land Use, Mobility, Amenities, etc.
  • Discuss, Analyze and Prioritize
  • Community Workshop

Draft Vision (Fall 2019)

  • Feedback on Draft
  • Next Steps
  • Community Open House