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Complaints of misconduct are taken very seriously. You will be asked to certify that the information you provide is true to the best of your knowledge.

We respect your privacy and will not distribute your personal information except as necessary to resolve your request or complaint. However, you should be aware that this information is subject to the State's public disclosure laws and may be disclosable upon request. [see privacy policy].

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OPA has a Citizen-Police mediation program to resolve certain complaints. Participation is voluntary. You can learn more about the mediation process on this website. Would you consider mediation for this complaint?

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Pursuant to SMC 3.28.825, the OPA Director is required to report the racial, ethnic and gender distributions of OPA complainants. It is voluntary, but helpful to know the following information:


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The Office of Professional Accountability exists to ensure professional and accountable law enforcement for the citizens for Seattle. Honest feedback is essential to maintaining a police department that is both trustworthy and responsive to the community. Therefore, it is critical that truthfulness be maintained in the filing and investigation of complaints against the police.

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