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Ann Holmes swearing in Pete Holmes on Jan. 6th, 2014.


Moving Forward On I-502

Education first, enforcement second

As you know, Section 21 of I-502 makes it a class 3 civil infraction--punishable by a relatively small fine, but no jail time or criminal record--to open or consume marijuana in view of the general public. It's within SPD's discretion to decide how to issue infractions, whether for jaywalking, speeding, or smoking marijuana on the sidewalk. Pete supports a measured system of warnings to encourage voluntary compliance with Section 21 before issuing citations.

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City submits recommendations on draft I-502 rules

In June City Attorney Pete Holmes submitted specific recommendations to the Washington State Liquor Control Board's draft rules for implementing Initiative 502, which Holmes championed last year as a prime sponsor of New Approach Washington.

"As Washington's largest city, with the largest number of medical marijuana facilities and strong public opinion favoring legalization, Seattle looks forward to partnering with the Board to regulate this new industry," Holmes said in the letter on behalf of the City of Seattle.

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