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On November 3, 2009, Seattle voters overwhelmingly approved the renewal of the Seattle Housing Levy. This page describes the renewal process.

2009 Seattle Housing Levy Renewal - ballot proposal process

With the 2002 Seattle Housing Levy expiring at the end of 2009, Mayor Nickels proposed a renewal of the Housing Levy. On June 15, after reviewing the Mayor's proposal, City Council voted to place the Housing Levy on the November 2009 ballot.

November 2009 Ballot Summary

Visit the main Seattle Housing Levy page for more information about the current 2002 Housing Levy.

More information on the Mayor's proposal, the City Council review process, community input and additional resources are below.

On April 29, 2009, Mayor Nickels announced his proposal to renew the Seattle Housing Levy. View related materials:

City Council has begun the process of reviewing the Mayor's proposal for the 2009 Seattle Housing Levy. This review includes a series of Committee of the Whole presentations and a public hearing on May 12. To view all meeting dates, as well as background materials prepared for the Council review process, please visit City Council's Housing Levy Renewal webpage.

View meetings and hearing on the Seattle Channel:

  • May 12, 2009 public hearing
  • Committee of the Whole meetings:
    - May 7, 2009 - Chair's Report, Program Comparison of Prior Levy Measures and the Mayor’s Proposed Levy Measure,Cost Per Household for Past Housing Levy Measures and Other Alternatives to the Mayor’s Levy Proposal, Public Comment
    - April 30, 2009 - 2002 Housing Levy Programs and Production Report, Mayor's Proposed Housing Levy Renewal Measure
    - April 24, 2009 - Seattle's Rental Market, Homeownership Market, Housing Needs, Home Foreclosures, Housing Financing Resources

The Office of Housing began planning for a Housing Levy renewal in 2008. The planning process included work by a technical advisory committee and a steering committee, as well as a public open house earlier this year.

Housing Levy Open House
On March 10, City staff held an open house to discuss proposed Seattle Housing Levy programs and successes, as well as current and future housing needs in Seattle. Public comments submitted at the event will be posted here soon.

Levy Steering Committee
At the request of Mayor Nickels, the Office of Housing has convened a steering committee to review proposed 2009 Seattle Housing Levy packages and make a recommendation to the Mayor. The committee is co-chaired by former mayors Norm Rice and Charles Royer, and comprised of representatives from local non-profit housing developers, banks and lenders, unions, attorneys, philanthropy and businesses. See participants.

Technical Advisory Committee
In fall 2008, a technical advisory committee (TAC) was convened to provide advice and feedback to the Office of Housing regarding options for funding programs in the 2009 Housing Levy. The committee was a diverse group consisting of nonprofit and for profit housing developers, lenders, service providers, and representatives of business, labor, environmental and philanthropic organizations. See participants.


Sept. 9
agenda | minutes

Sept. 30
agenda | minutes

Oct. 14
agenda | minutes

Oct. 21
agenda | minutes

As part of its broader mission to help build strong, healthy communities and increase opportunities for people of all income levels to live in Seattle, the Office of Housing wanted to better understand such things as Seattle residents’ overall attitudes about the importance of low-income housing assistance compared to other City priorities; perceptions of the benefits of low-income housing assistance to the wider community; and the impact of the current economic climate on attitudes about these programs and on residents’ willingness to continue funding them through a Housing Levy. In March 2009, EMC Research conducted a telephone survey of 800 Seattle residents; below are the survey and results.


White Papers
The papers were prepared fall 2008 for the Technical Advisory Committee.

Seattle's Housing Needs - Our Housing, Our Community: Addressing Seattle's Needs

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