Multifamily Tax Exemption

The Multifamily Property Tax Exemption (MFTE) Program provides a tax exemption on new multifamily buildings in exchange for setting aside 20-25% of the homes as income- and rent-restricted. By supporting mixed-income residential development in the urban centers, the MFTE program ensures affordabilty as the community grows.

The MFTE program was renewed on November 1st, 2015.  Click here to see the new ordinance.

For developers and owners applying to the MFTE program, please contact Mike Kent at 206.684.0262 for more information.

Prospective renter applicants can find more information about the MFTE program and Office of Housing properties here. Current MFTE tenants can find resources on their rights and responsibilities here. Property managers can find compliance resources here. All questions related to compliance with affordability requirements should be directed to Justin Bombara, 206.233.5128.