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The Office of Housing has established the following requirements for construction on multifamily projects awarded OH funds. Additional requirements are laid out in OH’s policy and loan documents.

Prevailing wage rates updated as of 3/5/2014

The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries has published updated prevailing wage rates, effective March 5, 2014. There are two ways to view the new wage rates:

Click here to view or print journey level wage rates by county or trade.

Click here to look up or print wage rates for journey level or apprentice wages.

Residential Prevailing Wage Rate Policy
Construction work on multifamily projects funded by OH is subject to minimum wage rate requirements. OH has established a set of procedures and monitoring practices to ensure the appropriate payment of wages.

Find the full policy and procedures here: Residential prevailing wage rate policy

Helpful Hints:
  - Prevailing Wage Basics (PDF format)
  - Drywall Monitoring Basics (PDF format)
  - How to Compute Overtime (PDF format)
  - Scope of work definitions (link to WAC)
  - L&I prevailing wage email list

Forms and Posters:
  - Bidders Summary List (Excel format)
  - City of Seattle Intent to Pay Prevailing Wage (Excel format)
  - City of Seattle Affidavit of Wages Paid (Excel format)
  - Sign-in roster (PDF format)
  - Prevailing Wage poster (PDF format)
  - Onsite interview poster (PDF format)
  - Certified payroll form (Excel format)
       Instructions for completing certified payroll form (PDF format)
  - Sample 4 - 10 Agreement (PDF format)
  - Division 00 checklist (PDF format)

Supporting Women and Minority Business Enterprises (WMBEs)

The City encourages the utilization of women- and minority-owned businesses (WMBEs) for the construction and other contracted services, and has established a combined WMBE aspirational goal of 14% of the total construction and other contracted services contracts on City-funded projects. Visit the State WMBE directory and the City of Seattle vendor directory to search for WMBE contractors. During construction, project sponsors must submit monthly WMBE reports providing data on the contractors and consultants working on the project:

Supporting Low-Income Workers and Businesses: Complying with Section 3 in Federally Funded Projects

Projects that are awarded federal funds through the Office of Housing must comply with Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, which requires that employment and other economic opportunities generated by the project be directed to low-income persons, to the maximum extent feasible. Sponsors must collect evidence of compliance from their contractors, including Section 3 Hiring and Subcontracting Plans, Section 3 business certifications, and monthly status reports.

See the following for forms and instructions:

See the following list of organizations for potential resources for your Section 3 plan:

Compliance with Evergreen Sustainable Development Standards (ESDS)
All Rental Housing Program projects funded by the Office of Housing must follow the Washington state requirements for Evergreen Sustainable Development Standards. Detailed requirements may be found at the Department of Commerce website. In projects jointly funded by the state and OH, the Department of Commerce will monitor for compliance. For projects without state funding, see OH’s procedures for monitoring compliance with ESDS.

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