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Are You Facing Foreclosure?

Foreclosure Fairness Brochure

Download the Foreclosure Fairness Brochure.

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The City of Seattle, in partnership with Washington State, has resources to help, including FREE counseling and legal services.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!
If you are struggling to pay your mortgage, more options are available to you the sooner you seek assistance.

For immediate assistance, contact The Washington Homeownership Resource Center: (877) 894-4663

The Washington Homeownership Resource Center is a great resource that can connect you to the best available assistance based on your circumstances. Below are a few community organizations working in Seattle to assist with foreclosure prevention, which you can contact directly:

Plain Talk About Foreclosure (Vimeo)

Una Plática Franca Sobre la Ejecución Hipotecaria (Vimeo)


Foreclosure Fairness Act
The Foreclosure Fairness Program provides homeowner foreclosure assistance by offering free housing counseling, civil legal aid, and foreclosure mediation. The program, created by the 2011 Foreclosure Fairness Act, helps homeowners and lenders explore possible alternatives to foreclosure and reach a resolution whenever possible. The Act requires lenders to notify homeowners, prior to initiating foreclosure, of the availability of foreclosure counseling and the potential for mediation, and to participate in mediation with homeowners who have been referred to the Mediation Program.

Homeowner Resources

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