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Building community and creating affordable housing opportunities Steve Walker, Acting Director

Affordable Housing Development
- Preparing for Application
- NOFA Applications
- Project Pre-closing
- Project Construction
- Project Closeout
- Policies and Guidelines
- Income and Rent Limits
Property Management
Consolidated Plan
Incentive Programs
Homeownership Programs
HomeWise: Weatherization & Home Repair
SeaGreen: Sustainability & Conservation
Ending Homelessness
Housing Levy
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The Office of Housing’s Rental Housing Program funds the development of affordable rental housing in Seattle using the Housing Levy Rental Preservation and Production Program funds, federal funds, and other fund sources.

At least once per year, OH publishes a Notice of Funds Available (NOFA) for the Rental Housing Program.

The NOFA describes specific funding priorities and requirements for each available fund source.

Project sponsors that are planning to apply for OH funds to develop affordable rental housing are required to prepare their project for application through the following stages. Before considering applying for funds, applicants should also review OH’s funding notices and policy documents to become familiar with the priorities, processes and requirements associated with OH funds. 

OH encourages developers interested in applying for the Rental Housing Program to submit an Intent to Apply form. OH typically requests these forms each January.


Preparing Projects for Application
Necessary steps prior to applying for funding.

NOFA Announcements & Applications
Funding announcements, application forms, City priorities and policies for developers seeking funding to develop affordable housing.

Pre-requisites for OH loan closings.

Projects Under Construction
Wage rates, reporting and other requirements during the construction process.

Project Closeout
Wage rates documentation, closeout inspection with OH Asset Managers and other requirements for final disbursement at project construction completion and occupancy.

Policies and Administrative Guidelines
Policy documents governing the use of OH funding.

Income and Rents
Applicable income and rent limits for the OH Rental Housing Program.

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