Following several weeks of intensive, repeated outreach to individuals camping near South Dean Street/Poplar Place South and along South Dearborn Street to 10th Avenue South, the City’s Navigation Team facilitated 19 of 34 people living [...]
About 60 people attended the community meeting last night for the new shelter at the First Presbyterian Church in First Hill. Janet Pope, Executive Director of Compass Housing who will operate the shelter, thanked the community for being so [...]
Following the closure and cleanup of camping at the I-90 Cloverleaf this week, City efforts will move north to South Dean Street and Poplar Place South, and along South Dearborn Street to 10th Avenue South, beginning on Tuesday, May 23. Since May 1, [...]
Yesterday, the City took the next step to close the area that stretches from the I-90 on/off-ramps at Rainier Avenue South (the “Cloverleaf”) north to South Dearborn Street to unauthorized camping. The area has experienced increasing [...]
Seattle Municipal Court Presiding Judge Karen Donahue has rejected a homeless man’s challenge that the tow and impound, and associated costs and fees, of a vehicle he was living in violated his constitutional and homestead rights.   This case arose [...]

Homelessness in Seattle

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