Fresh Bucks

Making healthy food affordable 

Running out of food is a real and growing problem. In Seattle, about 13% of adults experience food insecurity and families with children are even more likely to not have enough money for food. OSE operates several programs to help Seattle families access healthy foods. 

Fresh Bucks

Fresh Bucks is a healthy food program focused on getting more fruits and vegetables into the homes of families with low incomes. 

Fresh Bucks Vouchers helps those who struggle to afford enough food - especially enough healthy food - by providing regular Fresh Bucks benefits to purchase fruits and vegetables at over 20 farmers markets and farm stands, four ethnic grocers and all Seattle Safeway stores. Visit the Fresh Bucks website to learn about program eligibility and how to apply for Fresh Bucks Vouchers. Fresh Bucks helps residents with low-incomes access healthy foods, diversifies the customer base of farmers markets, and supports local businesses.

Fresh Bucks is funded by the Seattle Sweetened Beverage Tax

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SNAP Match Programs

OSE works with local and regional partners to support the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or food stamp incentive programs. Fresh Bucks Savings, SNAP Market Match, and Complete Eats help SNAP/EBT participants double their purchasing power by shopping at participating retailers. 

Fresh Bucks Impact

Since 2012, Fresh Bucks has helped thousands of low-income Seattle residents eat more fruits and vegetables. The combined economic impact of Fresh Bucks and EBT has brought nearly three-quarters of a million dollars directly to local farms.

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